Hunting for ptarmigan was formerly an important prerequisite for survival among farmers and settlers. They hunted for food, and often they used snares. Nowadays chasing grouse almost always occurs in the fall and with dogs. The dogs used are mostly Pointer dogs. When hunting with dogs, shotguns are used and the bird are shot on relatively short distances when it flies up from the ground, which is called uppflog. You can also hunt grouse in winter, and then it is called stalking. The hunter is dressed in white and sneaks quietly over the mountain. For this type of hunt, hunting rifles are used.

Whether you want to hunt grouse or ptarmigan, Vuonatjviken is the perfect place
with large areas of bare mountain right next to the cabin village.
Easiest way here is by snowmobile, skis, boat or helicopter lift arranged on request.

Welcome to the quoted huntingarea called A10 !!

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